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Colorful Bathroom Makeover for Two Little Monsters

18 March 2015

Hey, guys! Here's the story of how our guest bath received a very impromptu makeover! It all started with this colorful shower curtain from Target. I picked it up to use as a fun backdrop for spring/summer pictures of the boys. When I get it home, Blake sees it, loves it, and wants to know if it's for his bathroom. At this point, there is no boys' bathroom, but he's so excited that I just can't say no! And thus begins the new boys' bathroom project! 

After searching Etsy for a little while, I came across these adorable monster prints, and the boys absolutely love them! I already had all of the frames, and the prints were $5 a piece from LillyLaManch.

The boys love having their very own bathroom, and I'm wondering why I didn't think of it sooner!

We used Monsters, Inc. cups from Walmart that were less than a dollar a piece to create a little brushing station.

Blake had to pose with Sully and his matching toothbrush, of course! Little ham :)

And Cole did not want to be left out! :)

Here's Cole using a monster snack container that we've repurposed as a holder for their kids flossers.

We had to have matching bath accessories and body wash, too! I purchased a spout cover and toy scoop at Babies 'R' Us when they were on sale. I really like the toy organizer because it's super easy to use and is mesh on the sides and bottom, so it drains really well.
I also installed bath towel hooks and a hand towel ring lower on the wall so the boys could reach them easily. Other additions include a bath rug, step stool, and flushable wipes. :)
 I have a few more little things to look for, but I'm declaring their bathroom done for now! This project was definitely a stretch for me, with all the crazy colors and monsters, but the boys love it, which means I love it, too! It really is fun and functional, and they love having their own little space where they can brush, wash, and flush! ;)

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