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Monsters, Inc. Bedroom

31 August 2015

Well, I thought I was done with the boys' room, but you know how that goes! I wanted to add a little pop of color and something fun for the boys. I asked them to choose a theme, and they had a hard time deciding between Ninja Turtles and Monsters, Inc. :)
The total makeover cost around $20 and took about a week. We kept all of the major items the same and added a few accent pieces.
I bought a can of aqua spray paint and repainted the letters over the beds.
We purchased a plush Sulley for $12 from the Disney collection at JcPenney.
I also turned an old t-shirt of the boys into a pillow - Sulley on one side and Mike on the other. :)

I framed a watercolor print of Mike and Sulley and added a few figurines from the boy's toy stash. :)

When it was all said and done, I spent a total of $19 on their Monsters, Inc. makeover! The boys absolutely love it, and it was so cute watching them show their friends all the little details of their newly decorated space. :)  Ok ya'll, now I need some girly spaces to decorate! Any takers? ;)