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Navy and Green Boys' Room on a Budget

18 February 2015

I often say that we operate on a very small decorating budget around here, but that's not really true. In actuality, I don't have a budget. My husband's idea of a decorating budget is $0.00, which means my goal is to do everything for the least amount of money possible. :) 
For the boys' room, I decided to stick with one of my favorite color schemes, navy blue and green. I love Pottery Barn Kids and their clean, classic style, but many of their items are just out of my price range. Pictured below are the inspiration items for their room, which add up to almost $1,700 for two twin beds, two twin quilts and shams, and two curtain panels. This is the price with the beds on sale from $749 to $599 a piece, and does not include the $100 shipping fee. With those considerations, the amount would be over $2,000.

Here's a snapshot of the boys' room in progress. We're not quite finished in there yet, but we do have the beds, bedding, and curtains. Our total cost for two twin beds, two twin quilts and shams, and two curtain panels came to a whopping $130!

Here's a breakdown of the costs:
Twin beds: $50 for both
We bought these secondhand, and they are very nice and sturdy!
Quilt set: Target, on sale for $20 each
Curtain panels: Target, $20 each.
The curtain panels are actually twin duvet covers turned into window panels using curtain rings.
I only have a few more projects to do in here, and then I'll share pictures of the whole room with you guys! My goal for the entire room is $200, so let's see how far we can stretch that last $70! ;)

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